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Visa Services

Visa Services

Basic Instructions: Applying for Non-Immigrant Visas  

Please note that a DS-160 online visa application must be completed before scheduling a visa interview.  Visa interviews at the U.S. Embassy in Windhoek are handled by appointment only.     

When you are ready to proceed with completing your DS-160 application and scheduling your appointment, PLEASE REVIEW THE INFORMATION BELOW FIRST.   

To find the form DS-160, click here.  Please note that each person – regardless of age – needs his/her own application form and appointment! 

Before starting the application, be sure you have the following at-hand:    

  1. All of your current contact information;
  2. Travel plans, including U.S. contact information and who will pay for the trip;
  3. Prior U.S. visa applications and prior U.S. travel information;
  4. Biographic information about immediate relatives (such as parents, spouse and children);
  5. Current and previous work, education, or professional training information;
  6. Additional information as required for certain visa classes (for example, a SEVIS ID for Student and Cultural Exchange Visa applicants). 

It is important that you at least read through the following steps on how to get started, before filling out your DS-160 form!  You may also find it helpful to print out our complete Step-By-Step Instruction Guide to assist you while filling out the DS-160 application form.

Getting Started:  

  • After accessing the DS-160 online, click on Start Application
  • Under location it asks you to select one – select Windhoek/Namibia
  • Click Start a New Application
  • On the Application Information page you will see a Barcode number called your Application ID
  • Immediately write down this Application ID number
  • Answer a security question of your choice
  • Write down your answer to that question
  • Press continue

If you cannot complete your DS-160 form in one session, you have the option to return to the form after.      

Retrieving your form: 

  • Scroll down and click on Start Application
  • Under location select Windhoek/Namibia
  • Click on Retrieve Incomplete Application
  • Enter your Application ID
  • Click Retrieve Application
  • Answer 3 security questions
  • Click on Retrieve Application again

After completing and submitting the application form, you will have the opportunity to print a confirmation sheet with a barcode/ID number.  But you’re not quite finished! You must still return to this link (where you first connected to the online form) in order to schedule your appointment.  Please appear at the U.S. Embassy at the time of your scheduled appointment, and plan to be at the Embassy for one to two hours.    

REMEMBER:  You may always return to this basic instruction page to find the appropriate links and procedures.  If you have questions about any of the information on this page, please send us an e-mail and we will reply as soon as possible.